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Paper Template

Guidelines for Filling Consent to Publish Form:-

  1. Please don’t make any changes in the Pre-filled fields (Title of Book, Volume, Conference, Editor’s Name)(Page 1).

  2. Write the title of the manuscript in the field Title of Contribution (Page 1).

  3. Write the name of all the authors in the field Author(s) full name(s) (Page 1).

  4. Write only the information of the corresponding author (Only one corresponding author is permissible) in the field Corresponding  Author’s name, address, affiliation, and e-mail

  5. No work has to be done on the second page.

  6. Only corresponding author (Only one corresponding author is permissible) is authorized to sign in the field Signature of Corresponding Author (Last Page).

  7. Scanning guidelines – Mobile scanned (Camscanner, Google Scan or any apps) documents are not acceptable, high-quality scanners should be used. All three pages should be scanned and sent as a single PDF file.